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5 Reasons to book a bridal boudoir photoshoot!


Here are the top 5 reasons to book a bridal boudoir photoshoot with us!


We say this every time because its true! All of our stunning clients are really nervous at the start of the shoot, but by the time the first outfit change comes around, they are strutting and posing with confidence.
Watching the slideshow with all your photos is an incredible experience as you can see how you look from a different perspective. Most of our clients say “is that really me?” And we say yes! There is a lot of pressure in todays society that makes us think we have to look and act a certain way, but we are all about getting rid of all that negativity and pressure, and opening your eyes to natural beauty. Which is why we are all about supporting you and giving you the confidence and empowerment in you and your body.

Photos that last forever!

The photos we capture last a lifetime, they’re high quality images that are with you forever. You’ll be looking at the photos for many years to come, and so will your partner 😉

An excuse to try on that new lingerie..

Get all that lingerie you’ve been saving for a special occasion because that time is now! All those sexy sets you’ve got for your wedding night, why not make the night even more memorable by wearing the outfits for your shoot, so you can have some pictures to look back on..

Its not as scary as the big day!

We make sure you are comfortable and confident during your photoshoot, and you’re already getting married which is super nerve wracking so how hard can getting your kit off and taking a few photos with us be?

Whoo your partner

Now our bridal shoots are specifically for those who have just got married or are soon to be wed! Its a special time for both you and your partner and what better way to say “I do” than some sexy pics to show them on your wedding day. These pictures are so perfect in an album and having them digitally lets your partner look at them whenever, wherever.


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