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5 reasons to book a dog photoshoot


Family Portrait Photoshoot Peekaboo Liverpool male lgbtq couple with dog

Here are the top 5 reasons to book a dog photoshoot with us!

Its so cute!

We love having animals in the studio. We are all animal lovers and we get very excited when we have a dog photoshoot in. Most of us have dogs ourselves so this means we know how to handle them if they get a bit over excited which may put your mind at rest if you are worried that your dog isn’t well trained or is still training, we are able to handle anything. From big dogs to small dogs every one is cute in their own special way and we welcome them all.

Memories that last forever!

Our high quality images will last forever and the memory of this shoot will stay in your mind always so we try to make the day as fun and as easy going as possible so you enjoy yourself as well as your dog! Wether you choose to have the images sent digitally to you or have them printed out you will have them to look back on fondly forever.

Photograph the bond you have.

We love nothing more than when you get on the photos with you doggo too. When this happens we get to photograph the bond that you share. Its honestly so special to see the love and trust that your dog has with you and capturing it for you to see and display is something that we adore!

Capture your pets personality!

Each dog is different and its so fun to see their personalities shine through on our images! Whether you bring a favourite squeaky toy of theirs to make them excited or a special blanket they like to sit on to make them calm, this all adds to making them feel more comfortable which will help bring out the best in them resulting in fantastic photos.

Quality time with your dog.

The most important thing about a booking a pet photoshoot is quality one on one time with your dog and they deserve it too. You will get to play with them and make them feel comfortable and at home (and give them a few extra treats for being so good!) At the end of the shoot you will have had a lovely time with your special doggo and you will have some wonderful memories to show for it too!


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