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Alyiza’s Newborn Photoshoot


Alysha came with her gorgeous baby girl Alyiza who was around 10 weeks old at the time of her newborn photoshoot. She was such a smiley, happy baby. We loved having her and mummy and daddy in & she was so good in-front of the camera. They found us on Groupon.

family portrait with newborn baby girl

Before the newborn photoshoot:

Before any photoshoot we always like to call our clients to talk through all the details and to discuss any ideas they may have. Alysha had lots of ideas of what type of pictures she would like for her newborn baby. She opted for neutral colours with some hints of pink to keep it girly! Although she knew what colours she liked, she was also pretty laid back so we got to put some of our own ideas in too. This is always nice, just knowing that you trust us to decide what pictures will look amazing for your baby! If you’re looking for ideas for your newborn photoshoot CLICK HERE check out our newborn photoshoot gallery!


Personalised Items:

It’s always a lovely personal touch when parents bring sentimental teddies or blankets with them to include in the pictures with baby. They brought baby Alyiza’s pink personalised blankets, two pink teddies and a pink doll. These looked so gorgeous with the colours we used. Mummy and daddy also chose to bring a gorgeous little cream dress for Alyiza to wear. This went so well with the neutral tones we used for the background. We then decided to add some flowers to some of the shots (keeping it neutral of course) – which looked so cute and girly – just like Alysha asked for.

Baby in a bucket with teddies for photoshoot

The viewing:

After the newborn photoshoot, we took mummy, daddy and Alyiza to our viewing suite. In here we showed them all of the pictures we took on our cinema style projector. They then picked out their favourites (This is always the hardest part)!! They left with lots of amazing pictures of baby Alyiza, which mummy and daddy loved equally as much as we did!

We are so thankful that Alysha trusted us to be a part of such an important time in her growing family’s life. All of us adored working with her and her baby girl. We can’t wait for her to come back and visit us for a cakesmash photoshoot when Alyiza is one!

Thank you Alysha for choosing us to capture your precious memories😌💗

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newborn baby girl with flowers for photoshoot


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