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How To Prepare For Your Newborn Photoshoot


We are excited that you are wanting to share the heartwarming experience of your newborn photography session with us. We love nothing more than capturing memories of your new arrival for you to treasure forever as those tiny toes grow up to be big footsteps!

Here at Peek-a-boo we love babies and cuddles!! We have over 5 years specialist newborn photography experience & have safely photographed well over a hundred babies! Nestled in the heart of Liverpool city centre, our family friendly photography studio is perfectly equipped for all your baby’s needs!
During your relaxing photo shoot, using our expertise we will safely maneuver your baby into a variety of different poses to show off how adorable your little one is. We have many different props, sets & colour schemes to suit both baby girls & boys, and will work with you to ensure the photographs are exactly what you want. We can even tailor the session to make it as personal to you & your family as possible.

Our aim is to create beautiful portraits of your precious little one that you can cherish for years to come, & there are a few things you can do to help make it happen. So please read all the information below before your session date so you are fully prepared & please contact us if you have any questions!
What to expect during your photo shoot
Your whole experience with us will last 3-4 hours if not longer. We time the photoshoot around baby and their needs so much of the session can be spent feeding, settling and cuddling to make sure they are thoroughly comfortable throughout. But don’t worry, we will keep you topped up with caffeine and you can take the time for yourself to chill, relax, and leave the babysitting to us!Once your session is finished, we will spend a small amount of time adding the finishing touches to your images. You will then et to see them cinema style on the big screen and choose how you would like to take your pictures home with you.

What to bring to your photo shoot
We provide all the props and materials for your session but if you brought any items to your maternity photoshoot or have any personal items you would like to bring, please feel free to do so. Your photographer on the day will work out how best to incorporate them. Small teddy bears, scan pictures and home made items work really well.You do not need to bring outfits for your newborn session. The pictures translate much better if baby is wrapped with our delicate materials. We want to show off how tiny baby is in a natural way.Make sure you bring along extra milk, lots of nappies and a dummy even if baby isn’t used to one. Baby will probably want feeding lots during the session as the studio is kept nice and warm, but this is fine! Milk drunk is the best for getting super sleepy photos. Don’t worry if you run out as we have plenty of backups on hand. If you are bringing older silbings make sure to bring things to keep them entertained like iPads or books as it is a long session.Please bring coordinating outfits for any other family members who will be getting involved in the session.

How to get the best from your
photo shoot
Please refrain from feeding baby before you leave the house as they will most likely sleep in the car and wake up when you get here. We always ask that you feed baby when you arrive at the studio with the hopes of them falling into a nice deep sleep!Please don’t use any oils or lotions on baby the day you come in for your newborn session. This can make their skin shiny which will affect the final pictures. Don’t worry if baby’s skin isn’t perfect, any blemishes or discolouration can be taken out when we edit your pictures. If you are breastfeeding it is best to avoid acidic or gassy foods for 2 days before the session as these foods on occasion can cause tummy upset in your newborn, this could potentially lead to problems when trying to get them to settle.We encourage you to get involved in the photo shoot with baby. We will take some photographs of the family with your new arrival. It is such an important time together and it is very rare you will get the opportunity for a full family picture again so we like to give you the chance to capture that memory! Take a look online at our portfolios before you come in for your session, that way you can give us an idea of what style of pictures you really like and we can make the session bespoke and personal to you and your family.

If you follow these hints and tips, your newborn session will run smoothly and we are sure that you are going to love your time in the studio with us! Capturing your little ones first few weeks will be a joyous occasion and one that you will remember forever and we are privileged that you chose us to be a part of it.


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