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NEWBORN PHOTOSHOOT – Catch A Glimpse Baby!


Catch a Glimpse Baby

Angelica and her partner came to us from Catch A Glimpse! We did their photos for their bump to baby –

Baby Orion was an angel and slept for the majority of the shoot. Mum and dad were able to relax for this part of the shoot which was nice for them to have a cup of tea and chill for a little bit.

With our catch a glimpse photoshoots we offer a Bump photoshoot, which is mainly focused on mum and bump. We then offer a second shoot, which is a newborn photoshoot up to 2 weeks. The photos that we chose for this blog are perfect examples of what we offer you in the studio. For these images mum and dad wanted more neutral / muted shades rather than bright colours. We always suggest bringing personal clothing items for your shoot.

For the maternity shoot we suggest bringing a tight fitting dress, to show and flatter the bump more. Past customers have enjoyed bringing their parters oversized shirts as well – this can also be really romantic. Scans from your appointments are perfect to bring along with you, as we get more of a visual of baby. For the newborn photoshoot we suggest bringing any personalised teddies / blankets you have with names or sentimental value to them. We love personalising your newborn shoots as it makes them more unique and individual. We enjoy creating more personal photographs rather than the exact same layouts on our socials.

Here at the studio we love using beige/ neutrals in your photoshoots because if you wanted the images as prints they would be very simple and easy to put up around your house or gift to family members. We absolutely loving making sure that the photos fit you well, and that you’re able to get the most out of your images.


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