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Newborn Tips: 5 Things You Need To Know Before You Take Your Baby Home


So maybe you’ve just come home with your newborn baby and you’re feeling a little overwhelmed or you’re almost at your due date and are feeling anxious about bringing your infant home. And whether you’re a first time Mum or already a Mother and adding to your growing family, the way you are feeling is completely normal and rest assured you are not alone. That’s why we have come up with a list of our top five things you need to know before you take your newborn baby home to help all you amazing new Mummies to make the transition as easy as possible so you can focus all your energy on enjoying this precious time with your family in that blissful newborn bubble!

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1.Newborns cry… A LOT!

Often there will be a reason your baby is crying, either they are hungry, or tired, they may need to be winded or have their nappy changed, sometimes all of the above. But sometimes, you will have fed them, winded them, changed them, cuddled them and yet, they will just scream. Some parents find that their baby has what is referred to as the ‘Witching Hour’ which is when your baby will cry around the same time everyday. You are not doing anything wrong, you are not a bad Mum, your baby still loves you unconditionally. Sometimes babies just cry for cryings sake.

2.Babies poop a lot too…

Your newborn baby can poop on average around 3-5 times in any 24 hour period. Maybe sometimes more. This is normal and can sometimes be after every feed, so up to 8 times in a day. That’s a whole lot of nappies! So be prepared for lots of pooping! This constant pooping and peeing and changing can be harsh on your newborn baby’s delicate skin so be sure to use a good nappy cream which will create a barrier between your baby’s sensitive skin and the wetness of the nappy. Our favourite is Childs Farm Unfragranced Baby Nappy Cream which you can get from Boots for just £3.99!

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3.Your Newborn will lose weight.

It is completely normal for your baby to lose a little weight when you first bring them home so don’t worry. It is no reflection on you and you are not feeding them incorrectly. Your baby’s weight will be checked and monitored by your midwife during the home visits. Almost all newborns lose around 10% of their body weight at first. Normally your newborn should be back to their birth weight at roughly around two weeks old.

4.Babies acne is a thing.

It is completely normal for your baby to develop small red piles on their skin known as baby acne. This is common in babies and normally develops in the first few weeks of their life and normally lasts anywhere from 3 – 6 months and sometimes longer. Baby acne is not harmful to your newborn and it does not cause them any pain or discomfort. If you are worried about how this will look in your newborn portraits we can apply a gentle airbrushing technique in photoshop to remove these spots (view our Newborn Photoshoot Gallery here). If you are ever unsure about the pimples or a rash on your baby’s skin, or they have a temperature or any other differences you are concerned about then speak to your midwife or doctor. At the end of the day you know your baby best so if you are ever unsure trust your instinct and seek medical advice.

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5.Babies breath funny… don’t panic!

Newborn babies have irregular breathing patterns and it is terrifying, but completely normal. Sometimes it can sound like your baby is breathing really fast, gasping for breath or holding their breath for a moment. As long as your baby seems otherwise ok and your their breathing returns to normal by itself then there is no need to be concerned. Again, if you are ever unsure or have concerns seek medical advice, you know your little one better than anyone so trust your gut.

There are a million other things people will tell you are good or bad for your newborn or that you should or shouldn’t do. At the end of the day babies do not come with an instruction manual. People will judge you and tell you they know best, pushy Grandparent’s, in-law’s & Auntie’s will try to take over and make you feel like you are doing things wrong. YOU’RE NOT! There is no such thing as spoiling your baby with too many cuddles and you can use whatever nappies, milk, dummies etc. that you think are best for your baby. And if you feel overwhelmed or like you’re doing things wrong just know that your baby doesn’t know how to be mad at you & will still love you unconditionally. So just remember to trust yourself and in case you needed to hear it… you are a great Mum & your baby thinks you are doing an amazing job!

If you are expecting a new arrival or have just brought your little bundle of joy home and want us to capture beautiful portrait images of your baby then you can ‘Book Your Newborn Photoshoot Now’ at our Liverpool City Centre photography studio. For more information about our Newborn photo shoot click here!

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