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Photographing Older babies


Photographing older babies.

Here at Peekaboo, we adore photographing your newborn babies. We usually try to book newborn photoshoots in up to three weeks after birth as that is the best time to capture those perfect posed pictures for you to treasure. But with the whole country being under strict restrictions for over year, we have struggled doing this.  We have been so busy photographing your lockdown babies! Our studio has had to adapt to working with older babies and we have loved every second of it!!

lockdown - baby - photoshoot

Learning to adapt

We have had a range of ‘fresh’, tiny newborn babies and bigger, older babies born in lockdown visiting our studio over the past few weeks since we reopened. Babies change a lot once they hit the 1/2 month mark, which means we have to change the way we usually work with posing the babies for pictures. To overcome this, we have learnt to adapt and your let baby lead the photoshoot. Most of our props are for tiny newborn babies but with your older babies coming to us, we have used these in a different way. They have all turned out amazing. Just look at this image!




lockdown - baby - photoshoot


With your older babies, we would not expect them to endure long photoshoot sessions like a newborn would because they are more aware of their surroundings. This means we have to be ready to shoot quickly to make sure we capture any eye contact your baby gives us! They can be so easily distracted by everything around them that it can sometimes be difficult to catch the perfect moment but we always manage to captured them all so well! What do you think?





Every one of us has learnt so much since photographing all your gorgeous lockdown babies! We have been able to take the most amazing photographs!

Thank-you for trusting us with your tiny newborn babies and your older babies! One of our favourite things is seeing you leave with so many precious memories!💗

Take a look at our newborn gallery here.

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