Elite Fitness Consultants @ Xposure

Recently we had the guys from Elite Fitness Consultants down for a shoot, and O-M-G the photos are so amazing!! We loved shooting these guys!

Absolute thinspiration and gym motivation for the team here at Xposure.

Here is a little bit more about Elite, taken from their website.

"We are a revolutionary personal training company providing you with a service no other personal trainers in the UK can match! The owner and founder Lewis Bailey is one of the UK’s leading personal trainers, he has a vast array of qualifications and experience from some of the world’s finest coaches, therapists and trainers. With the additional skills, experience and qualifications of the rest of the team we are one of the UK’s leading personal training companies giving you the very best our industry has to offer."

Find out more about Elite and what they have to offer here - Elite Personal Training

We hope you can agree with us that the Elite Personal Trainers look pretty damn amazing!!

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