Erica’s Magical Enchanted Fairy Photo Shoot!

We love making your little one’s most magical dreams come true in our studio and that’s exactly what we did when Erica’s Grandma Julie & Mum Stephanie surprised her with one of our Enchanted Fairy Portrait sessions.

Erica got to play dress up and be a fairy for the day. She got to choose her two favourite dresses to wear for her fairy photo shoot from our selection of magical fairy costumes complete with pretty flower crowns and tiaras and she even got to pick her matching magical fairy wings to complete her enchanted outfit.

Once she was dressed, Erica was taken in to our studio, which on fairy days is home to a magical 3D enchanted forest set complete with flowers & toadstools, magic pond & an enchanted bridge. This whimsical woodland forest set is where all the studio fairies live & sometimes, if we’re lucky enough, they come out to play.

Erica had so much fun with our photographer trying to get the magical fairies to come out & say hello. Her Mum & Nan loved seeing her having so much fun & letting her imagination run free in her own fairytale wonderland. One of our amazing family portrait photographers captured a beautiful set of images of Erica smiling & playing in our fairy set. We just love how beautiful she looks with those stunning freckles and gorgeous curly hair!

When Erica saw her pictures in her very own magical slideshow on our huge projector screen complete with special magical fairy dust effects & fairy tale music she was so excited, and her family were so happy to see her smiling face when she saw herself as a real magical fairy!

If you want to see your children’s face light up with joy when they see themselves with fairy sparkles shooting from their magic wands or if you have a budding superhero on your hands and want to know more about how your child can see themselves as an action hero with super strength in one of our Capow photo shoots then click here or call the studio on 0151 709 2348.