Dressing up box


Our dressing up box has a costume for everyone! From fairies and elves to superheroes and crime fighting crusaders.

Transport your little ones to a real life fairytale land with one of our enchanted fairy & elf photography experiences. Your kids will love the magic and excitement of being part of their very own enchanted wonderland. They get to choose their own outfit from our range of costumes ranging from fairy princesses to magical elves, we have wings, garlands and magic wands to please every child.

Our whimsical woodland set complete with enchanted pond and woodland creatures will make your children feel like they are in the heart of a magical forest full of magic, mischief and pixie dust. Watch in awe as your children are swept away into a world of fun and fantasy where their imaginations can run wild.

Or consider yourself a crime-fighting caped crusader? Do your spidey senses tingle for action and adventure? Experience the thrill of being your favourite superhero for a spectacular cinematic photo shoot at Xposure Studios and create a unique piece of art for your home. Whether you’re 6 or 66, the Capow! Superhero Experience is perfect for anyone who wants to save the fate of the free world as we know it! As a member of the CAPOW! studio group your action packed shoot comes complete with fully licensed Marvel and DC costumes, props and set to bring your cinematic experience to life.So assemble your fellow Avengers, alert the Justice League & set off the bat signal! Whether you fancy being brave like Batman, wowing as Wonder Woman, heroic like The Hulk or as thrilling as Thor. Show off your super powers with our cinematic photo shoot and create unique wall art for your secret superhero lair!

Your session includes:

– Refreshments

– Up to 45 minute Photoshoot with an expert photographer

– 30+ images taken

– Up to 2 outfit changes

– Personal Viewing session

– Complimentary 7×5″ print* worth £60 to get you started