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Ravens Cakesmash Photoshoot!


Ravens birthday Cakesmash Photoshoot!


For Ravens cakesmash her mum decided that she wanted girly backdrops and props! So we had lots of pastels and pink which was super cute and pretty.

We absolutely loved the photographs from this session. How cute does Raven look in the little metal bath tub? Every time we do Cakesmash shoots in the studio we start off with cute backgrounds and cake. We then get the most adorable photos in the bath with bubbles! This cheeky photo of Raven in the bath sticking her tongue out is too cute! Click here to check out our other Cakesmash shoots over on our website. If you’re interested in booking a Cakesmash with us for your little one give us a call on 0151 709 2348. Or drop us a message on instagram and we will get back to you!

What to bring with you to your Cakesmash photoshoot!

We enjoyed having Raven and her mum in the studio to celebrate her first birthday with us. When you have a shoot with us we always recommend you bringing a couple of outfits and different accessories to have some variety in the photos! For girls we suggest different headbands, jewellery items perhaps. For boys we suggest dungarees and bow ties, maybe even a little hat! For our shoots you bring your own cake, we do have balloons that we offer however we do recommend bringing some of your own so the shoot is more personal.

Here at the studio we are always interested in what you think will work and if you have any of your own ideas to suggest them before hand so we can plan in advance! Cakesmash’s can be so fun and we advise having a look through our past shoots to get some inspiration for your cakesmash photoshoot.

Peek-a-boo x


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