The big 10

We were lucky enough to celebrate Elizabeth and Erin’s 10th birthdays with them in the studio recently when they came in for their photoshoot!
As best friends do, the girls said they always spend their birthdays together as the dates are so close to one another, but they wanted to do something extra special for their 1st double figure birthday – and whats more special than a makeover and photoshoot!
Helium balloons are a birthday essential so the girls got loads of shots with them, but they were also so prepared with their outfits and props, we were really impressed by how thought out their photoshoot was! The girls even brought along fairy costumes so we were able to set up our fairy set and get some enchanted themed images. The planning that went into it resulted in amazing, unique photos and made them extra personal and special.
Have a little scroll below to see some of our favourite shots from the shoot. Thank you to the girls and their mums for letting us share their amazing images and a HUGE happy birthday to Erin and Elizabeth x

If you have a big birthday coming up and would like to celebrate with a photoshoot like Erin and Elizabeth give the studio a call on 0151 709 2348


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