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What you need to know about your last trimester.


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Congratulations! You’re in the final stretch of your pregnancy journey—the third trimester. This stage, from weeks 28 to 40, is both exciting and challenging as you prepare to welcome your little one into the world. Whether you’re a first-time parent or adding to your family, here’s what you need to know about your last trimester.

1. Understanding the Third Trimester

The third trimester is a time of rapid growth for your baby and increased discomfort for you. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Baby’s Development: Your baby will grow from about 2.5 pounds at 28 weeks to about 7-8 pounds by birth. Organs mature, and your baby practices movements like kicking and stretching.
  • Physical Changes: Expect more frequent urination, back pain, swelling, and Braxton Hicks contractions. Your belly will continue to grow, which might affect your balance and mobility.

2. Prenatal Care in Liverpool

Regular prenatal visits are crucial during the third trimester. In Liverpool, you have access to excellent maternity care through the NHS and private options.

  • NHS Services: Liverpool Women’s Hospital offers comprehensive maternity services, including antenatal classes, midwifery support, and birthing options. Regular check-ups will monitor your baby’s growth, heart rate, and your overall health.
  • Private Care: If you opt for private care, Spire Liverpool Hospital and other private clinics offer personalised maternity services.

3. Preparing for Birth

As you approach your due date, preparation is key. Here’s what to focus on:

  • Birth Plan: Decide on your birthing preferences, such as pain relief options, birthing positions, and who will be present. Discuss these with your midwife. You may wish to look into hypnobirthing so you know your options when it comes to your birth plan. This mum hypnobirthing was a great help to me.
  • Hospital Tour: Familiarise yourself with your chosen hospital’s facilities. Liverpool Women’s Hospital offers virtual and in-person tours.
  • Packing Your Hospital Bag: Include essentials for you and your baby—comfortable clothing, toiletries, baby clothes, nappies, and any important documents.

4. Attending Antenatal Classes

Antenatal classes provide valuable information and support. Liverpool offers several options:

  • NHS Antenatal Classes: Available at local hospitals and community centres, these cover topics like labour, breastfeeding, and newborn care.
  • NCT Classes: The National Childbirth Trust offers classes focusing on childbirth preparation and postnatal care.
  • Online Resources: Websites like BabyCentre and NHS offer virtual classes and resources.

5. Managing Common Discomforts

The third trimester can bring various discomforts. Here’s how to manage them:

  • Back Pain: Practice good posture, use a pregnancy pillow, and consider prenatal yoga.
  • Swelling: Elevate your feet, stay hydrated, and wear comfortable shoes.
  • Heartburn: Eat smaller, frequent meals, avoid spicy foods, and sleep with your head elevated.
  • Sleep Difficulties: Establish a bedtime routine, use pillows for support, and limit screen time before bed.

6. Nutrition and Exercise

Maintaining a healthy diet and gentle exercise routine is vital:

  • Diet: Focus on nutrient-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. Stay hydrated and take prenatal vitamins as recommended.
  • Exercise: Gentle exercises such as walking, swimming, and prenatal yoga can improve your mood, energy levels, and overall health. Always consult your healthcare provider before starting any new exercise.

7. Mental and Emotional Well-being

Taking care of your mental health is just as important:

  • Mindfulness and Relaxation: Techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, and prenatal massage can reduce stress.
  • Support Networks: Join local or online pregnancy support groups. Liverpool has several parent groups and online forums where you can share experiences and advice.
  • Professional Help: If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to seek help from a mental health professional or your midwife.

8. Final Preparations

As your due date approaches, it’s time for some final preparations:

  • Baby Essentials: Ensure you have all necessary baby items, such as a car seat, crib, and diapers.
  • Home Safety: Baby-proof your home by securing furniture, covering electrical outlets, and removing any potential hazards.
  • Childcare Plans: If you have older children, arrange childcare for when you go into labour.
  • Book your maternity photoshoot: If you’re thinking of having a maternity shoot we suggest between 28 and 32 is the best time to book. Drop us a message on our instagram page or head to our website.

9. When to Call Your Midwife or Doctor

Know the signs that require immediate medical attention:

  • Labour Signs: Regular contractions, water breaking, and significant back pain.
  • Urgent Symptoms: Severe headaches, vision changes, sudden swelling, or decreased fetal movement.


The last trimester of pregnancy is a time of anticipation and preparation. By staying informed and proactive, you can ensure a smoother, more enjoyable experience. Liverpool offers excellent resources and support, so take advantage of them. Remember, every pregnancy is unique, so trust your instincts and communicate with your healthcare provider.

Wishing you a healthy, happy third trimester and a wonderful birth experience.


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