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Xmas at Xposure…


With it now being December Christmas literally is just around the corner. While lots of people are busy with christmas shopping and last minute plans we’re busy with lots of lovely photoshoots on the lead up to Xmas! We’ve been in the festive spirit since we had our beautiful Little Miss Xposure Daisy in the studio for her Christmas themed photoshoot with us back in December (if you missed the blog post catch up here https://www.xposurestudios.co.uk/single-post/2016/11/20/Little-Miss-Xmas ) Check out our favourite image of her below.

Our clients have also been bringing christmas themed props with them making us feel extra festive. We also think this is a brilliant idea as not only does it add a personal touch to your photos, the photos also make perfect xmas gifts! Here’s a throwback to one of favourite ever Xmas photoshoots…

Thanks to our MUA’s, Amy and Holly, our Xmas tree is now up and lit in the corner of our studio and looks perfect – meaning we’re all ready for the lead up to christmas. We’ve even been adding mince pies to our Afternoon Tea photoshoots to make our clients feel the same.

Keep posted for more blog posts soon about the Xmas period at Xposure, we’ve got lots of exciting things planned including fb competitions and winter wonderland themed photoshoots so don’t miss out!
Team Xposure xoxo


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