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35 Autumn inspired baby names for your little one


The weather is starting to change, there’s a chill in the air, the leaves are getting crisp and brown and for us in the studio that means one thing… Autumn babies. And with Autumn babies, comes Autumn baby names! There are so many autumnal themed names that you can choose for your baby and we’ve compiled a list of our favourite seasonal names to get you inspired. Have you considered any of these names for your October and November babies?

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Octavia – Although this name actually means eight, it is often used as a name inspired by the tenth month for October born babies. Other variations include Ottavia – an Italian version of Octavia or the male version Octavius.

Opal – This traditionally female name means ‘precious gem’ and is the official birthstone of the month of October.

Autumn – it is technically the start of autumn, right?. We love this literal take on an Autumn inspired name.

Marigold – This adorable floral inspired name is the official birth flower of October.

Libby – This cute girls name is inspired by the month of October’s main star sign, Libra.

Gaia – A name of Greek origin that means “the earth.” Inspired by the Goddess Gaia in ancient Greek mythology, known as the mother goddess, she was the personification of the Earth. She also sent Scorpius the scorpion to Earth and Scorpio is one of October and November’s star signs!

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Amber – This beautiful name takes its meaning from the autumnal colours of orange and red.

Hazel – Another autumnal colour inspired name. Referring to the hazel tree with heart-shaped leaves and the greenish-gold colour, this botanical-inspired name is the perfect nod to nature. 

Saffron – A spice that has s a rich orange colour reminiscent of Autumn tones.

Decimus –  This strong boys name meaning ‘tenth’, is inspired by October being the tenth month.

Aster – This floral name is inspired by the flower that is in season during the month of October.

Kirsi – This unique name means ‘frost’ in Finnish, perfect for the frostier weather we will be getting in the coming months.

Bruna – An Italian name meaning ‘brown’, inspired by the turning colour of the leaves. The male version of this is Bruno.

Leaf – a traditionally male name of Scandinavian origin that means ‘heir’ but which conjures up wonderful autumn-inspired imagery.

Aluma – A hebrew girl’s name that means ‘a sheaf of grain at harvest’ which is a perfect fit for this time of year.

Eleven – Inspired by November being the eleventh month and great if you’re a Stranger Things fan!

Aurelia – A name of Latin origin that means ‘the golden one’. Perfect for the golden tones of Autumn.

Daphne – From the Greek word meaning ‘Laurel Tree’,

Ember – Meaning ‘spark’ or ‘burning low’. This beautiful name perfectly captures that cosy autumn feeling of curling up in front of the fire on a rainy day.

Fable – A whimsical name, inspired by folk tales or stories with a moral lesson.

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Fawn – A beautiful name for Autumn babies, inspired by baby deer which are usually spotted at this time of year.

Fern – A timeless girls name inspired by autumnal woodland walks and crisp forest surroundings.

Forrest – This name means ‘dweller among the woods’, The perfect name for your newborn if you enjoy nature walks.

Griffin – Primarily a name of Welsh origin (from the word ‘Gruffudd’), Griffin means ‘strong lord’ or ‘red’, symbolising strength and leadership.

Maple – We recently had a little girl in the studio with this Autumn inspired name and we love it. Inspired by Autumn’s changing leaves.

Rory – The anglicised form of Ruairí meaning rust / red coloured and ‘red king’ in Irish Gaelic – adorable for autumn babies.

Archer – Inspired by the symbol of Sagittarius, one of November’s star signs.

Roux – Pronounced ‘Roo’, from the Latin meaning ‘russet’ a brownish red colour perfect for an Autumn baby.

autumn berry baby

Sage – This gender-neutral name is both adorable and unique.

Willow – A feminine whimsical name derived from the Old English ‘welig’ meaning willow tree.

Wren – Inspired by the small brown songbird, Some other cute autumn bird inspired names are Lark, Robin or Sparrow.

Nova – Inspired by the month of November

Aiden – A traditional Gaelic name meaning ‘fire’ which would be perfect for baby boys born around Bonfire night.

Blaze – Another great bonfire inspired name for your November baby.

Winter – And finally this beautiful name is one of our favourites. We know this is technically Autumn inspired baby names, but what comes after Autumn?? Exactly!

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