Christmas Mini Photoshoots 2023!


We have just wrapped up our October 2023 Christmas minis and they were a blast! We’ve enjoyed capturing festive memories so much so that we have opened up another spot in November on the 19th!! And some have already jumped on the new opportunity with only a few spots left!!

So what are “Christmas Minis”?

The Christmas minis are fast and fun, a little bit of excitement and magic before getting ready for December! They are prefect for families who want to grab some photos to capture special moments of the holiday season, display them around the house or to send cards out to loved ones!! We transform our studio (with a little help from Santas elves) into wonderful and magical christmas sets with snow and presents and even a Christmas tree! With a variety of props, we bring the magic of Christmas so that your photos are filled with that festive spirit everyone loves. Even reception is Christmas-ified!! 

What happens?

Well, you and your family arrive cosy either in christmas pjs or in big coats and bobble hats ready so that as soon as you come through the door, you fill out your form and then off you pop for your photos!! The shoot itself lasts between 20 to 30mins depending on if you’ve bought both themes or just the one! This year we had our Winter Wonderland and Magical Moments with two new sets, so if you spent christmas with us the last couple of years, you would’ve had some lovely new photos that are different to the previous. Some of you have been since we started Christmas minis and its always heartwarming when customers return throughout the years, we get to see your little ones grow up and your family get bigger!

It’s very important to note that after the shoot you do not see your photos like the other photoshoots we do here at Xposure because there is simply no time!! Instead, you see some examples in the viewing and we show you the photos on the back of the camera during the shoot so you are having a sneak peak before the option of purchasing a package.

And those are Christmas Minis! If you’ve missed out on the chance this year don’t panic as we do them every year! Just keep an eye at around October/November time because we sell out fairly quickly! You can sign up to the November sessions here! All of us are in the festive spirit early and you’ll see our christmas decor dotted around the studio!

See you soon!

– Angel


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