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Susanna’s boudoir photoshoot.

Susanna came to us through our website. She wanted to do the photoshoot to help build her self confidence and feel good about herself after a break up. The perfect therapy! As she had never done a boudoir photoshoot before, she was very nervous.

The makeover!

After a chat with our hair and makeup artist, Susanna had an idea of what kind of look she wanted for her boudoir photoshoot. They decided on sultry gold glam with a bright red lip! This complimented Susanna’s gorgeous skin and her dark hair! Speaking of hair, we decided to wave it as it was naturally curly anyway. Susanna felt so much more confident after her makeover.Boudoir - photoshoot - pose

It’s photoshoot time!

Before the boudoir photoshoot, our photographer had a chat with Susanna to see what outfits she brought with her. She brought a black lace body suit and a red lingerie set with suspenders of course!! She looked absolutely stunning! Our photographer told her which outfit to change into first and then took her through the the studio. Once in the studio, Susanna was shown how to pose, where to look and where to place her hands. This always makes our customers feel instantly more comfortable as they find out that not everyone is a pro at this! Most of the ladies we have in for our boudoir photoshoots have no experience what so ever but they still get gorgeous sexy pictures!

It’s always so lovely to see a persons confidence grow as the photoshoot goes on. The more pictures taken, the confident you will be!!

The viewing!

After the photoshoot, Susanna got changed into her normal clothes and took a seat in reception whilst we edited her pictures. We then took her through to our viewing suite so she could see the stunning portraits we got of her boudoir photoshoot. She was instantly surprised at how amazing she looked! No one ever expects to realise how gorgeous they actually are! She had such a hard decision deciding which pictures to take home –  she just had to get them all!!

Boudoir- photoshoot - on- bed

We hope we helped build your confidence. Thankyou for choosing us x

Xposure x

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